Hey again. I’m Mitch. But you already know that. Here’s some stuff you may not know:

As a youngling, I grew up in New York City and went to Bard College. Well, started at Bard... Halfway through, I dropped out. To be a male model in Japan. Outrageous? You’re right. Not my finest hour, but whatever.

After that, I went to the American University in Cairo. But the revolution happened. It was pretty scary. But also how I started reporting. So, for the next few years I worked as a journalist across the Middle East and Africa, chasing the Arab Spring.

Later, and Stateside, I published my first book. It’s about a dalliance I had with a Russian spy. Seriously. Flippin’ wild, yo. I’ll tell you over a beer sometime. It almost became a movie. I also made a video game about the war in Syria. Which is more of an interactive education than a game, really. It was kind of groundbreaking at the time.

Anyway, I have to admit, college took a while. The good news is I did eventually graduate. And from Columbia University, of all places. With a degree in Creative Writing. Third time’s a charm, they say.

Today, I live in Midtown, Manhattan and write a variety of things for money. If I’m not in front of the computer, I might be surfing in the Rockaways or reading sci-fi on the couch. So check there first. Which reminds me, I need to find a new couch...

Okay, listen. If any of this stuff tickles your fancy, (especially leads re: new couch), I want to hear from you. Or about anything, honestly. Hit me up. I’m usually pretty down to ride.

Very warmest,